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Reversible 2 in 1 Soft Dog Sling Carrier

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Carrying Your Dog Now Made Easy With the New Hands Free Sling Carrier for Dogs!

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Easily Carry Your Furbaby With You... Hands-Free...No More Bulky Carriers!

✔ Fun: Carry Your Furbaby Everywhere, Hands Free!
✔ Fashionable: Reversible , 2 in 1 Design Looks Great Inside and Out
✔ Multifunctional: Use it As a Car Seat to Keep Your Dog Secure on Car Rides
✔Perfect For Taking Your Small Dog On Hikes, Long Walks, and Crowded Places
✔No More Leaving Them Home While You Run Errands
✔Makes a Great Gift Too!
✔Super Comfortable: Soft Cotton Keeps You & Your Furbaby Relaxed & Comfy All Day
✔ Washable & Easy to Fold / Store Away 

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Perfect for small or senior dogs who can't (or won't) walk long distances or handle hot pavements. For emotional support dogs or just plain slpoiled ones.

Beautiful reversible pet sling for dogs up to 15 lb

Wear it over your shoulder wherever you go. Super comfortable for you and your dog.

Contains inner strap for maximum safety

Comes in 3 different colors

Easy, Stylish, & Casual look for you and your pup

Limit 3 Per Customer [[ Almost Sold Out ]]
  • 70% cotton 30% polyester
  • Foldable
  • Machine washable
  • Reversible, You can wear it either way
  • Use it as a car seat
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