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Multi Car Jump Starter

$94.99 $194.49


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This jump starter is a multi-functional emergency kit that contains a car powerbank. It can be used not only as a car jump starter but can also serve as a source of power for your gadgets. You don’t have to worry about draining your batteries while you’re on the go because this multi-car jump starter will provide emergency power for your laptops and mobile phones. It is totally convenient to use since it comes with variety of chargers, compatible with every gadget that you need to recharge.


  • Adjustable LED lights (torch, strobe lights, and SOS lights)
  • Has variant chargers compatible with different gadgets you have
  • Supports vehicles with 12V or more
  • Easy to use. You just have to connect the power bank to the battery holder, attach connectors, and jump start your car

 Package inclusion:

  • 1 x power bank 
  • 1 x wall power adapter 
  • 1 x cigarette lighter charging adapter 
  • 8 x connectors for Laptops 
  • 1 x four-in-one mobile phone adapter cable 
  • 1 x set starter plier wire 
  • 1 x transport bag 
  • 1 x manual